What is the                          ?



It is a membership organization that provides a Protection Plan like no other.

FREE REPAIRS for as little as $3 per device per month. 


Membership Has Its Privileges:

FREE Screen Repair

FREE Headphone Jack Repair

FREE Charging Port Repair

FREE Button Repair

10% Discount on ALL other repairs











What do members like most?


LOW monthly membership fees

They get their phone back, NOT a refurbished one.

Piece of Mind

The superior work and service they receive.



Here are the different membership level options:

1 Device       $3 per month

2 Devices     $6 per month

3 Devices     $9 per month

4 Devices     $12 per month

5 Devices     $15 per month

6 Devices     $18 per month

*After $40 set-up fee*


If your phone is already damaged,


You will receive a 20% discount off of your first repair after you sign-up.

As long as your $3 membership fee is paid, the next time you crack your screen, we will repair it for FREE! No questions asked.



If you would like to join the                                ,


You can also call us at 804-601-8185 with questions.

Navigating in Woods

You have just found piece of mind for your devices.

We have Business and Employee membership plans too.

A membership can save your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars when we repair your cracked screen, charging port, headphone jack, buttons, battery, housing, speakers, cameras, and water damage
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